Tuesday, December 31, 2013

......on idle time

That idle time.........

Sitting on the back verandah
    or by the corner window
Gazing over grassed paddock
    or paved car park
It matters not.........

Seeking space for ideas to fit
    or making sense of that observed
Reconfiguring patterns known
    or grappling with the unknown
It matters not...........

From farm to c-suite
    experience is the same
Answers emerge from deep thought
    ideas grow in unfettered space
It matters.....that idle time

Shaun G Coffey
31 December 2013


  1. It's amazing to think of what could have been accomplished in ones life or collectively for the world with all that idle time. It reminds me of a statement made to me when I was taking flight training in the rugged coastal mountains of British Columbia Canada....."There is nothing more useless than the blue sky above you and the landing spot behind you when your engine quits and you're looking for solutions. ....As it relates to the above...You can't go back and recover the lost idle time, so make the most of what's still in front of you!


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