Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leaders Learn

One question often asked is: are leaders born or is leadership taught?

Leaders learn!

Burt Nanus gives a few ideas about how leadership skills can be learned.

1.   Seek leadership responsibility early and often.
2.   Find a mentor or role model.
3.   Develop farsightedness.  Create a sense of vision.
4.   Master the skills of interdependence.  They're more important than the skills of competition.
5.   Become a world citizen, learning the languages and cultures of others.
6.   Develop personal character, integrity, and trust.
7.   Seek varied job assignments.
8.   Think like a researcher, develop a sense of curiosity and creativity.
9.   Design a leadership job carefully, knowing their goals.
10.Have fun at what you do.

Source:  Nanus B (1990) The Leaders Edge (US: Contemporary Books)

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